I have lived in a border town (Laredo, TX) where different cultures clash and yet expressions and emotions coalesce. However here in the US, its traditions, racism, and stereotypes have introduced me to the reality of being an immigrant in a different country.

Working representationally and sometimes with the surreal I portray images of the typical Mexican-American’s life, iconography, and beliefs. My objective is to bring people together, with sentimental, satirical, sarcastic, and comical themes. I hope to evoke self-awareness and then to superimpose that awareness on the experiences of life.



The skull’s title is: Nacimiento Leve, which is Spanish for “Mild Birth”. This pieceemphasizes the birth of life and the struggles encountered. On one of the temples, a snake is portrayed as a symbol of sin, evil, and retroceding in life. In the opposite temple, the eagle symbolizes moving forward with a positive determination. This also represents the Aztec story ofthe eagle devouring the snake (where the Aztecs built their home: Tenochtitlan.) On the back, each wrestler is connected to these animals, representing the fight for existence and abundance of life. Both are facing the seed that transmits a middle-ground between forces and the sprout of a new era.

The roses in the eye sockets are a metaphor of death judging all our immoral decisions & actions. The red rose represents love and caring for another human being. In contrast, the purple rose signifies unempathetic decision-making and negativity. On the forehead, the corn symbolizes the harvest of a brighter future & opportunities. Overall, the skull is full of vibrant colors on which the living enjoys a harmonious life and celebrates the lives of the dead on their new journey.